Welcome to My Survey - Informed Consent: Participants 21 years of Age and Older

My name is Cherlyn Conner and I am a student at the University of Phoenix working on a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA).  My study is titled:  Recommended Project Management Activities for Project-Based Organizations (PBOs): A Delphi Study. This study involves research.  The purpose is to build consensus among a panel of project manager experts as to the future categorization of project management control activities for project-based organizations (PBOs) to strengthen project planning and execution strategies.

Your anonymity is guaranteed for the study.  The results of the research study may be published but your identity will remain anonymous and no personally identifiable information (PII) will be associated to you as an individual participant.  

You will be asked to complete three short, online questionnaires, one week apart, using SurveyMonkey®.  The estimated time commitment is less than 5 minutes for round 1.  For future rounds, 2 and 3, the estimated time commitment is less than 10 minutes per survey.  None of the procedures are experimental.  The duration of the study is approximately one-month.

In this research, there are no foreseeable risks to you nor is there any costs to you.  The study’s design is to rate the desirability and feasibility for future categorization of project management activities for PBOs.  Although there may be no direct benefit to you, a possible benefit may be the recommended listing of project management activities might assist various industry leaders with implementation of a project management system to mitigate project failures. 

If you have any questions about the research study, please call me at (901)-652-2472 or email me at cherlync@email.phoenix.edu .  For questions about your rights as a study participant, or any concerns or complaints, please contact the University of Phoenix Institutional Review Board at IRB@phoenix.edu .

Your participation is strictly voluntary.  If you decide not to participate, there is no penalty or loss of benefits to which you might otherwise be entitled.  Once you start, you can withdraw from the study at any time; however, because you create a self-generated identification code (SGIC), if you decide to withdraw, you may compromise your anonymity.  

As a participant in this study, you should understand the following: 

1.      You may withdraw from the study at any time by calling me at (901) 652-2472 or emailing me at cherlync@email.phoenix.edu .

2.      Your identity will remain anonymous.   The consent process uses electronic files.  Each round of the survey will present the consent form on the first page of the survey.  Further, to ensure the study and your responses remain anonymous, you will create a self-generated identification code (SGIC) for tracking of responses.  The SGIC created by you will be used to enter subsequent rounds of the study.

No data will be printed or written for outside review.

3.     Data management guidelines include: (1) no data collected will contain any personally identifying information of the participants; (2) all data will be collected using Survey Monkey®; and (3) data will not be shared with anyone.  Data will be exported from Survey Monkey® to Microsoft Excel and will remain intact within the spreadsheet.  The researcher’s computer will be used to store data and will be password protected with access by the researcher only to analyze the collected information.  The data will be kept for three (3) years, and then destroyed by deleting all electronic files from the personal computer.

The results of this study may be published.

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* 1. Do you agree to be a participant in this study?  By clicking on ‘Accept’, you agree that you understand the nature of the study, the possible risks and benefits to you as a participant, and how your identity will be kept confidential. When you accept, this means that you are 21 years old or older and that you give your permission to volunteer as a participant in the study that is described here.

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