Southwest Tennessee Community College Career Services

* 1. Have you hired any Southwest students/graduates in the last 5 years?

* 2. Please list their job title(s), approximate salary and PT (part-time) or FT (full-time).

* 3. Please rate the education or job training preparation of the student/graduate for their particular job.

* 4. Please rate the overall job performance level of the student/graduate.

* 5. Please rate the student/graduate in the following areas:

  Excellent Very Good Average Fair Poor Not in a position to evaluate
Communication Skills (verbal, written, listening)
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Job Specific Skills
Professionalism & Integrity
Teamwork & Collaboration

* 6. What additional skills, training, or industry credential preparation could Southwest provide to make students/graduates more valuable to your organization?

* 7. What MAJORS or TRAINING PROGRAMS do you  primarily seek to hire?

* 8. What is your overall assessment of the Career Services Center at Southwest?

* 9. How can Southwest assist you further with your hiring needs?  (Select all that apply.)

* 10. Why do you hire Southwest students/graduates?  (Select all that apply.)