Part 1

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Thank you for participating in CEC European Managers' survey on "Management in the Digital Era"! Your contribution will us help to better understand managers' challenges and opportunities linked to digital technologies. Grab a coffee or tea and take a few minutes to answer this short survey.

* 7. Are you a member of one or more of the following CEC member organisations (national or sectorial)?

* 8. The management of digital technologies is ... part of my professional tasks.

* 9. Overall, how would you describe the scope of changes in your company/organisation and sector with regards to digital technologies in the last ten years?

  No changes Little changes Some changes Many changes Systemic change
Changes in my company/organisation
Changes in my sector

* 10. How do you think will the position you currently hold change in the coming ten years? (multiple choice)

* 11. Did your company/organisation consider or (start to) implement some of the following digital technologies?

  Social media 3D printing Internet of things (sensors) Big data / data analytics Online collaboration tools (e.g. meetings, planning...) Cloud-based services Robotics Machine learning / algorithms Augmented and/or virtual reality
Implementing / starting to implement