Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School Parent Survey

The Our Lady of Sorrows School Board is developing their strategic plan for the school year 2017-2018.  We would very much appreciate the feedback of our parents to help inform our decision process going forward.  It is very important to us that you include your thoughts and concerns as we move forward.  Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.  Parents/Students that participate in the survey can obtain a NUT (no uniform today) pass for you child/children.  Please see end of survey for details!

* 1. Do you feel that Our Lady of Sorrows is offering a rich faith based education in a safe, comfortable, fun and loving environment in which your child will thrive?

* 2. My child receives a strong education in the Catholic faith and morals.

* 3. Our Lady of Sorrows provides adequate opportunities for prayer and worship.

* 4. Our school is doing an excellent job teaching:

  Not well at all Mildly well Fairly well Quite well Extremely well
Creative Writing
Social Studies
Fine Arts/Music
Physical Education

* 5. Our Lady of Sorrows has an educational program that is of high quality.

* 6. My child has access to a variety of resources to help him/her learn.

* 7. Our Lady of Sorrows School facilities are clean and well maintained.

* 8. How would you rate the school's security system?

* 9. My child is being well prepared to continue his/her education in high school.

* 10. Our Lady of Sorrows School is preparing my child to deal with issues and problems he or she will face in the future.

* 11. Students in our school show respect for each other.

* 12. How appropriate are the discipline practices at this school?

* 13. Students at Our Lady of Sorrows School demonstrate sensitivity to racial and ethnic issues.

* 14. Teachers and administration at our school demonstrate sensitivity to racial and ethnic issues.

* 15. Teachers and administrators at our school demonstrate genuine concern for the well being of students.

* 16. How comfortable does your child feel asking questions in class at Our Lady of Sorrow School?

* 17. Our school staff is welcoming and helpful.

* 18. As a parent, do you feel our school provides a welcoming environment for parents to interact with teachers and administration?

* 19. Do you feel the views of parents are seriously considered when school decisions are made?

* 20. As a parent do you feel you have a good understanding of the school's programs and operations?

* 21. Do you feel parents receive adequate and timely information they need about the school's programs and events?

* 22. Do you agree that our After School Program (ASP) offers you flexible and affordable care for your child/childrens after school needs?

* 23. Does the activities offered in the ASP program meet the needs of your child/children?

* 24. Fundraising is an important part of our schools efforts to offset tuition costs.  Please rate your opinion as to the effectiveness of the current fundraisers.

  Excellent Very Good Good Not Very Good Poor N/A-Did not participate
Knight to Remember
Annual 5K Run
Scrip Program
PTA Specialty Bingos

* 25. In a typical school year, does Our Lady of Sorrows School do too much fundraising, too little fundraising, or about the right amount of fundraising?

* 26. How did you hear about Our Lady of Sorrows School when you registered your child?

* 27. Would you recommend Our Lady of Sorrows School to your family and friends?