The City of Albuquerque is considering options for the historic El Vado Motel on West Central Avenue across the street from Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanic Garden. We would love your feedback in order to give investors an idea of what kind of place you would use.

Would you visit the El Vado if it was a City Market? It could be modeled after other successful city markets such as Pike Place Market in Seattle or the City Market in Kansas City. The El Vado City Market could feature our wonderful and unique New Mexico food and drink and visitors could ship directly from the market to their homes.

At Pike Place City Market, you get a fish thrown at you and then you purchase it and ship it to your home. For example, you could purchase a tub of red or green chile, tamales, various salsas, chile-infused nuts, posole, enchiladas, New Mexico wines – you get the point. It also could provide great places to dine and maybe even a cooking school!

This kind of City Market would anchor that part of Route 66 and allow people to walk down to enjoy Tingley Beach as well.

* 1. Would you visit El Vado City Market?

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