Putnam County Head Start is committed to providing quality service that is effective in meeting the needs of children and families. Parent opinions and suggestions regarding various parts of the total program are essential in helping to identify and satisfy individual family needs.

Thank you in advance for participating in this survey!

* 1. Overall how satisfied are you with this year's Head Start Program?

* 2. How well have you been kept informed about your child's classroom activities and what goes on in school?

* 3. Please check each of the ways that were used to inform you about how your child is getting along in school and about school activities in general.

* 4. Please check the ways you think are best for informing parents about their children's progress and about school activities.

* 5. So far this year, do you feel free to contact your child's teacher or teacher's assistant?

* 6. Do you feel free to contact the Head Start office if you have a question or concern?

* 7. How much do you participate in planning your child's education goals with the teacher?

* 8. How much help have you received in getting ideas on how to teach your child at home?

* 9. Did you attend the orientation and/or monthly parent meeting in your child's school?

* 10. Have you volunteered in the classroom this year?

* 11. Have you gone on any field trips with the children?

* 12. Please list any activities for parents, other than those covered above which you think should be added to the Head Start Program:

* 13. Listed below are some services that are regularly available to Head Start families in the column, "Services Used" please check each of the services during this school year. For each service that is/was used, check whether you found it satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

  Used Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Daily School Bus
Health Services
Dental Services
Emergency Food
Further Education
(GED, English, Adult ED)
Personal Counseling
Holiday Assistance

* 14. Thinking of the Head Start Program as a whole, which parts of it do you like best so far this year?

* 15. What problems have you had with Head Start this year?

* 16. What changes do you think should be made in the Head Start Program?

* 17. If you had the opportunity to talk about Head Start to next year's parents, what would you tell them?