Make ProgrammableWeb work better for you

* 1. What is the primary purpose for visiting ProgrammableWeb?

* 2. How often do you generally visit the site each month?

* 3. How does your organization use, provide, or otherwise relate to the types of web APIs cataloged on ProgrammableWeb?

* 5. Please rank your level of interest in each of the following potential ProgrammableWeb offerings

  Extremely interested Some interest Passing interest Not at all interested
Code resources by language (Java, .NET, Ruby, etc)
Tutorials and guides
Cloud computing and SaaS news
Directory of cloud computing vendors and products
More editorial on APIs and mashups
Ability to collaborate with other developers
Ability to track updates to your favorite APIs
Career resources: find jobs, list your bio, offer services
Better ability to compare APIs
Free trials or discounts on API usage

* 6. What language(s) do you develop with? (Please check all that apply)

* 7. Please let us know what specific features or content you would like PW to change or add. Thanks!

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