Please take this survey if you would attend Open Caption movies at AMC Classic 10 in Fort Collins.

Please answer only once.  Please do not take the survey multiple times from different devices. Thank you.

Fort Collin's AMC Classic 10 has shortened hours.   This AMC location would like to show wide-release movies with open captions once a week from now to the mid-November.  After mid-November, they will be able to continue showing OC movies through December once the movie titles have been confirmed with their booker.   

Your participation in this survey will help decide the best time to schedule OC movies so AMC can count on good attendance.  Results will be shared with AMC Classic 10 in Fort Collins. 

Thank you for your interest in taking this survey.

3636 Manhatten Ave
Fort Collins, CO

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* 1. We are looking for the most popular time to host OC movies. 

What is the best day and time frame for you and your family/group to attend OC movies each week?   Please check all that apply.

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* 2. How many people in your family or group you are answering for in this survey?

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* 3. I prefer children movies to be scheduled in afternoons (Yes or No)

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