* 1. Address or Subdivision where meter installation was performed:

* 2. Date of Installation:

Date / Time

* 3. How did you make your appointment to have the water meter replaced?

* 4. Were you satisfied with how your questions about the installation process were answered?

* 5. How satisfied were you with the friendliness and courtesy of the call center staff?

* 6. Were you satisfied with the installation crew? (Please consider whether they were on time, courteous, answered any questions you may have had, and were careful not to leave a mess.)

* 7. If you called PWSD directly, did you receive the help you needed from our staff concerning your retrofit?

* 8. How would you rate your overall experience?

* 9. Have you looked up your account on the online customer portal - AquaHawk Alerting?

* 10. If you have viewed your account in AquaHawk Alerting, do you think this tool will help you manage your water use more effectively?

* 11. Is there additional information that you wish was available about this project?