* 1. What do you enjoy most about our meetings? (Rank them from 1 to 5, with one being the most.)

* 3. Do you find the personal introductions we do at the start of each meeting useful?

* 4. How many meetings do you attend each year (Sept - June)?

* 5. How would you feel about the length of our meetings?

* 6. Food costs at restaurants are going up and our meeting ticket price has stayed the same for many years. Would you be willing to pay $40 for each meeting ticket to keep dinner being served?

* 7. Please share any suggestions you have for guest speakers, themes and/or topics to explore, and venues for our meetings.

* 8. If we started featuring members in our newsletter and/or meetings to get to know each other better, would you be interested in a feature about you/your business?

* 9. BBPW is part of a larger organization and we are the largest Massachusetts chapter. We are looking for members who are interested in participating in the Statewide BPW organization. Would you be interested in this opportunity?

* 10. The items below are related to the mission of BBPW. Please check which are most important to you.