1. Pinewoods Special Diet Form

Although the Pinewoods kitchen makes an effort to list potential allergens, neither CDSS nor Pinewoods can accept responsibility for notifying you of the presence of potential allergens in the food.

Meals include either a meat or vegetarian entree. See your Registration Status Form to check or change your meal preference. In addition, most of the following is available to all at each meal:
* raw vegetables and salad;
* peanut butter and jelly;
* hard-boiled eggs;
* plain tuna fish;
* bread;
* cottage cheese;
* plain yogurt;
* rice cakes;
* plain chicken;
* plain tofu;
* cold cuts;
* fruit.

If your allergies are minor and you can easily take care of them yourself, please do not bother to fill out this form. For this form to be useful, we need it returned by three weeks before camp.

If your allergies are more severe, please:
* Fill out this form
* Two to three weeks before your week at camp, call the Pinewoods kitchen at (508) 224-4020, between 9-11am or 2-4pm and speak with the head cook,
* When you arrive at camp, check-in with one of the cooks, and
* Ask about specific dishes if you have any doubts.

If Pinewoods cannot serve all your needs, you may be asked to supplement with your own food. While there is no food preparation space available for campers in the main kitchen, there are three refrigerators and kitchens for camper use elsewhere in camp.

Please do not assume that we already have this information.

* 1. Name

* 2. Email

* 3. Phone

* 4. Please check one

* 5. Allergies: feel free to replace this form with a list if you already have one prepared. Be sure that it has your name and the week you will attend listed.

* 6. What week(s):

Thank you for completing this questionnaire!

Press DONE below and the survey will close; we will get the responses. It will be a fabulous week of music and dance, and I am delighted that you will be part of it.
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