Out of Pocket Medical Expenses

This information helps us understand our community and the out-of-pocket expenses they may have incurred.  This information will be used to inform a Parkinson's Australian submission to the Australian Government inquiry investigating out-of-pocket costs and options to ensure that consumers are better informed of fees before agreeing to treatment. Further information on the inquiry is available at https://goo.gl/u3XrN7. 

Out of pocket medical expenses are defined as  expenses for medical care that aren't reimbursed by medicare, the pharmaceutical benefits scheme or your private health insurance. 

No identifying information will be passed onto the Government.

* 1. Are you completing this survey as:

* 2. Have you incurred out of pocket medical expenses in the last 12 months relating to Parkinson's?

* 3. If you have you incurred out of pocket medical expenses related to Parkinson's please indicate below which services the expenses related to:  (Please select more than one if required)

* 4. In the last 12 months please provide an estimate of the total amount you have spent on out of pocket medical expenses relating to Parkinson's:

* 5. If you did incur out of pocket expenses did your treating doctor, or other health professional, provide you with accurate information about the amount and type of expenses you would incur?

* 6. How difficult or easy was it to find the money to pay your out of pocket medical expenses in the last 12 months?

* 7. Other than in the last 12 months have you incurred a significant out of pocket medical expense?  Please provide further information below on the type of expense and amount you had to spend.

* 8. Do you have any other comments you would like to make relating to out of pocket medical expenses?