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* 1. How do you rate the New Haven region as a place to live?

* 2. Generally, would you say that the New Haven area has interesting things for residents to do?

* 3. Which of the following organizations/events are you aware of or have you heard about?

* 4. At which of these venues have you ever attended live performances?

* 5. Which of the following events have you attended in the last year?

* 6. In which of these creative activities did you participate last year?

* 7. Which of the following museums and galleries have you visited in the last year?

* 8. What kind of musical performances have you attended in the last year?

* 9. At which of the following New Haven venues did you attend a live theater performance in the last year?

* 10. When you attend a live musical performance, do you prefer:

* 11. What is your general impression of attending a professional theater performance in Greater New Haven?

  Agree Disagree
The quality of the performance is generally as good as or better than I expected
It is expensive to attend a professional theater performance in New Haven
Parking near the theater is easy
There are many dining options available to enjoy prior to the performance

* 12. As an adult, have you ever taken a class in any of the following?

* 13. If you have children, have they ever taken a class in any of the following?

* 14. Did a recent arts experience make a significant impression on you? If so, please briefly describe?

* 15. What type of arts activities do you believe are missing in Greater New Haven?

* 16. Which factors keep you from participating in more arts activities in Greater New Haven?

* 17. Where do you get information about arts and cultural events?

* 18. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  Agree Disagree
New Haven is a city with a vibrant arts and cultural life
New Haven is supportive of artists
Arts and cultural activities make Greater New Haven a better place to live and work
Arts and cultural organizations are well supported in Greater New Haven
New Haven has an active artists community

* 19. Are you an. . . .

* 20. Age group