Welcome educators! Please fill in this survey to register for presenting on the Second National Ukrainian Teachers' Conference "UKRAINIAN EDUCATION XXI 2014!

- the LARGEST gathering of Ukrainian Education teachers across Canada and beyond
- practical sessions for Ukrainian language, culture, history etc.,
- best practices shared by classroom teachers, administrators, university professors, etc.

If you consider presenting with a partner, one presenter gets free registration.

Session proposals are accepted until Wednesday, April 2, 2014

* 1. Personal information

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* 3. Language of presentation

* 4. Title of your session (please make it appealing and descriptive):

* 5. Description of session (maximum 70 words that motivate people to come to the session)

* 6. Target Audience (please specify)

* 7. Please indicate how information from your session can help students function in Ukrainian in authentic situations outside the classroom?

* 8. Equipment required (Laptops and Smartboard are available for all sessions. Presenters must provide their presentations on a memory stick)

* 9. Will you be attending sessions?

Thank you for registering!
See you in May 2014!

Thank you for registering!<br>See you in May 2014!<br>