Welcome to Tangata Ihi! 
This short, on-line module, is an introduction to the Manaaki Ora suite of cultural Wānanga from Te Au (the Māori suicide prevention team within Te Rau Ora).   
This module provides a kaumatua perspective on cultural aspects for the health and well-being of Māori.  The information in this module will be covered more in-depth at the upcoming face to face wānanga (Manaaki Ora - Manaaki Tangata & Te Ihi Ora). 
This short, online module, will take approximately 30-50 minutes to complete (depending on your answers).  
We recommend everyone completes this on-line component (watching the videos and completing the activities), so that those who attend the Manaaki Ora face to face wānanga, all come with a common understanding and an introduction to some of the programme content. 
For some people, the content in this module will be merely revision, however for others, it will help inform their journey going forward. 
The Manaaki Ora cultural wānanga have been developed from kaumātua kōrero and are currently only available through Te Au (the Māori Suicide Prevention Team) within Te Rau Ora (Strengthening Māori Health & Wellbeing). 
Simply watch the videos and complete the questions or tasks to the best of your ability and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming face to face wānanga. 
Ngā mihi nui, 
the Te Au team.   
All rights are reserved for the Manaaki Ora  &  Tangata Ihi programme 
©TE RAU ORA 2020
Introduction video
Cultural practice and Māori health

How to complete the module:

To complete this introductory module, Tangata Ihi (of the Manaaki Ora suite of programmes), simply follow the directions and fill in the spaces provided.   Watch the following short videos and answer the corresponding questions or activities.  Once you have successfully finished this module, your registration into any upcoming Manaaki Ora wānanga will be complete.

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