Please Help Produce Data on Atlantic Canadian High-Growth Companies

Entrevestor, Atlantic Canada’s startup news site, needs your help in compiling data on the East Coast startup community. For the fifth year, we're surveying high-growth innovation companies across Atlantic Canada to develop metrics on the community. We'd love to include your data, and would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this survey. (Seriously, there are only 18 questions.)

We will publish aggregated highlights late in 2018, which will be available free to anyone. We'll also prepare a report on the data for specific clients. We do NOT publish data gathered from individual companies. We're surveying founders early this year, assuming they will know what the company's metrics will be at year-end. 

We’re looking for responses from companies that meet three criteria: Majority owned by Atlantic Canadians; Commercializing innovation; and developing a product for the global market.

All your answers will be confidential.

If there is a particular question you feel uncomfortable answering, please just leave it blank.

Please contact me at with any queries.

Peter Moreira, Entrevestor

* 1. Company name:

* 2. Location of headquarters:

* 3. CEO’s name:

* 4. STAFF:
Number of paid employees on Dec. 31, 2017 (count part-time employees as ½ a position):

* 5. Number of paid employees on Dec. 31, 2016 (count part-time employees as ½ a position):

* 6. Do you have a female Founder, Co-Founder or CEO?

* 7. Are any immigrants among your Founders, Co-Founders or CEO?

* 8. Total payroll in 2017 in terms of dollars:

* 9. How many staff do you expect to hire in Atlantic Canada in 2018 (count part-time employees as ½):

What revenue did you record in 2017?

* 11. What revenue did you record in 2016?

* 12. If you preferred not to answer Questions 11 and 12, can you please say what your 2017 revenue growth is in percentage terms.

* 13. What percentage of your revenue came from markets outside Canada?

* 14. What are your most important export markets?

* 15. FUNDING:
Please list your equity funding in dollars in 2017 from the following sources:

* 16. If you are now raising equity capital, please say how much you are hoping to raise.

* 17. OTHER:
Have you worked with an Atlantic Canadian university on research and development in 2017?

* 18. Have you used the lab space or other facilities of an Atlantic Canadian university in 2017?