Transform your experience into collaborative networks, mobile and desktop apps without programming

The current technology allows you to transform your experience and ideas for entrepreneurship in one or several mobile or desktop applications. You have the option to keep the copyright of the generated contents and, if you wish, you can create an open or closed social network to exchange contents for vertical and horizontal sectors. It is also a way of writing an eternal legacy in the Digital Society and its impact is therefore global. This availability will surely bother many technology providers, but it will protect you from theft of ideas and you will generate personal and organizational added value. It is a new wave of inclusion for all ages.

We propose to you to comment on this concept:

* 1. Are you interested in participating actively in the construction of your relationship with the tools of the Digital Society?

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. What is your gender?

* 4. Do you like to create, innovate and/or disrupt?

* 5. In what field do you feel more at ease?

* 6. Would you like to have a database that, unlike Wikipedia and other content sources, will add intelligence to the applications you use? For example, so that they "understand" more and better the context in which you are moving and suggest relationships and validations.

* 7. If there is an application that allows you to create processes and tasks freely, without needing to know how to program, would you buy it? You could even design games.

* 8. Imagine that there is a social network that allows you to exchange content with third parties for a cooperative benefit, and that such content brings intelligence and improve your experience with mobile and desktop devices. Why would you participate?

* 9. The development of the working environment (application framework that you use) and the continuous improvement of the servers has important costs, would you pay for the use of this application?

* 10. If this application were not free, how much would you pay for it?

* 11. Using an application like this means that the management center would be in the reusable knowledge that has been selected and / or created by the User, that is, yourself. The application can be as smart as you want. Independent or community users could engage in the commercial production of content and applications for mobile, TV, robots, machine learning or the digital home. The design and control of processes would acquire another level of inclusion, because the tasks, the sensors (with their respective APIS) and indicators (quality and management) could acquire a universal language that was more just with the creative people. Do you really visualize the scope of this application and your potential role for more and better income? Do you see its direct use in your startup, entrepreneurship or industry? Do you understand that it can help you to create your own business?

* 12. There are many contents on the KW Campus ( to understand the direction of the Digital Society. Would you like to participate in a course to understand what this type of self and group knowledge management is about?

* 13. Would you contact us at to request more information about your possible participation in the field-level development of this proposal (in your personal thesis, enterprise or organization)?

* 14. This proposal has nothing to do with Wikipedia, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snap, Instagram and other social networks. Nor is it related to online libraries or the fourth generation GeneXus or WinDev programming languages. It is a different concept. You can create your own processes, tasks, indicators and applications using a universal language proposed by open state data, coding and semantics standards... making your content global and reusable by any standard platform. Users can create thematic clusters with their contents, open or closed, free or not. Programming knowledge is not necessary. This proposal is called KWaaS: Knowledge as a Service and its creation and current momentum is a non-profit organization called KW Foundation. Do you know us?

* 15. Are you a senior (over 50 years old) and have work problems? Do you know our Xentics proposal at We contribute to an improvement of the labor options through the training for this important segment of the population, offering assistance for the real inclusion in the pragmatic Digital Society.

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