Hearts Unite the Globe Volunteer Survey

Thank you for volunteering with us! We would like to know how you feel about volunteer work so we can enhance your experience or working with us at Hearts Unite the Globe: A Nonprofit Organization for the Congenital Heart Defect Community.

* 1. Please provide contact information for us.

* 2. How often would you like to volunteer with us?

* 3. We would like to know what you prefer to help with. Please select the areas in which you are most interested in helping HUG: *This question is required.

* 4. What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

* 5. What is the highest level of education you have received?

* 6. What is your job function when you are not volunteering?

* 7. Please tell us why you volunteered with us?

* 8. Do you volunteer for other nonprofit organizations?

* 9. What can we do to make this experience enjoyable for you?

* 10. We strive to treat our volunteers with respect and recognize their efforts. Please let us know how you prefer to be contacted and how you like to be recognized.