Consent form for the PTaP Survey


Project Title: Perceptions of Teaching as a Profession
Researchers: Wendy Adams, Ph.D., Taylor Plantt, Science Education Programs
Phone Number: (970) 351-2419                     e-mail:

The purpose of the proposed project is to better understand students’ perceptions of teaching as a profession. Specifically we are developing and administering a survey that includes items related to the teaching profession. As part of this study, we are asking you to share your views about teaching via a short fifteen minute survey.

We will not ask for any personal identifiers and will analyze the data in aggregate to better understand student views about grade 7 – 12 teaching. Results in aggregate may be shared with faculty at your institution.  

There are no foreseeable risks or discomforts to students who participate in the survey beyond your time. There are also minimal direct benefits to students; however, your participation will aide in our understanding of students’ views of the profession of teaching and hopefully help us understand how to better identify and support future teachers. 

Participation is voluntary. You may decide not to participate in this study and if you begin participation you may still decide to stop and withdraw at any time. Your decision will be respected and will not result in loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. Having read the above and having had an opportunity to ask any questions, please complete the survey. By completing the survey, you will give permission for your participation.  You may keep this form for future reference. If you have any concerns about your treatment as a research participant, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs, Kepner Hall, University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO  80639; 970-351-2161.