STAR WARS: The Old Republic Character Copy for Game Update 1.3

We're excited to offer the opportunity to copy your characters over to the Public Test Server so you can help us test Game Update 1.3. Please fill in the required information below so we can copy your character over.

A few warnings:

1. We cannot guarantee that every character will copy to the PTS successfully, however we can assure you that characters on Live servers will not be affected in any way should the copy fail.
2. We can only copy one (1) character per submission from your account over to Public Test.
3. Please make sure all of your details are correct before submitting! You will not be able to edit this form once you submit it.

* 1. Account Name (i.e. Forum Name):

* 3. Character First Name (Do not include Legacy name):

* 4. Guild Name: (OPTIONAL: If you wish to ensure your whole guild is copied at the same time, please have everyone apply in a single day.)