Let's get started!

Each year, Corner Canyon PTSA presents five awards to noteworthy individuals in our school and community. We need your nominations to help us find those deserving of these awards. Please strive to nominate at least one person in each category through this survey.

The Outstanding Educator Award honors a professional educator who goes beyond the normal expectations of his or her job to make the learning environment fun, beneficial, and challenging. This award enables us to recognize innovative and dedicated educators who make exceptional strides to positively influence students.

The Outstanding Administrator Award recognizes an administrator who is student-oriented, supportive of teachers and parents, encourages parental involvement, is a good communicator, and is involved in the community.

The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes an individual who provides consistent and exceptional volunteer service to students, staff, or our community, and whose volunteer service goes above and beyond the normal scope of volunteering to benefit our school and our community.

The Outstanding Student Services Professional Award honors a person working within the school to provide professional services as a benefit to students and other staff. A potential nominee for this award is someone who is student-oriented, performs his or her role with dedication and skill, and strives to provide our school community with services of exceptional quality.

The Outstanding Support Staff Award recognizes a non-licensed school employee who is supportive of the learning environment, has rapport with students, parents, and other school staff, and performs his or her role with exceptional skill and dedication. This award is for custodians, secretaries, lunchroom staff, bus drivers, aides, etc.

You may repeat this survey as many times as you like. Winners will be selected based on the content of the written nominations, not the quantity.