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Q1: As long as we speak the same language, there is no problem
Q2: The more culture you get to know, the better you can compare
Q3: Their habits might differ of course but when you really get to know them, they are just like us
Q4: I know they are really trying to adjust to my way, it is then only fair of me to try to meet them half way
Q5: Live and let live, that is wat I say
Q6: Sometimes it is quite confusing, knowing that cultures have different norms and values and trying to be respectful and sticking to my own core values
Q7: I sometimes feel marginalized within groups but I am able to step in and out of the group fairly easily
Q8: Why are people not speaking my language?
Q9: The better I understand this culture the better I will master its’ language
Q10: Whatever the situation is, most of the time I am able to look at it from different cultural angels
Q11: De context might be different but the basic need to communicate is the same everywhere in the world
Q12: I can be successful in every culture
Q13: People of a different culture are not as open-minded 
Q14: My decisiveness has increased once I was able to use different mental frameworks
Q15: Those people are so urban and sophisticated, nothing compared to the superficial people in my home country
Q16: People are motivated by the same things
Q17: To end this dispute I will have to change my approach
Q18: People with a different cultural background than my own are different in ways I had not yet thought of before