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Welcome! This survey will ask you questions about your professional experience with developmental services case management. We are interested in your experience with "case management". The survey results will be used to improve these services.

We value your feedback and want to better understand your experience in providing case management services for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

For this survey, case management services for people with developmental disabilities include the following:
  • Case management services are provided through agencies or organizations, where a worker directly helps people with everyday living needs, including accessing and connecting them to community programs, and planning, setting and achieving goals.
  • You could be an Adult Protective Service Worker, Family Support Worker, Service Coordinator, Independent Facilitator, Passport Coordinator and have another job title not listed here.
  • In this survey we are not interested in collecting information about ODSP case workers or Ontario Works. We are also not interested in collecting information from Residential/Group home or Day program workers.
Participation in this survey is voluntary.
  • The feedback you provide to us in this survey is confidential
  • Your individual responses or information are private and will not be published.
  • This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to fill out.
  • If you have any questions about this survey OR if you would like to receive help over the phone with filling out the survey:
  • Please contact Kathy Cox from the Ministry of Community and Social Services' Community Supports Policy Branch at CSPB@ontario.ca or 416-327-4954.
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