Madison and New Jersey Young Playwrights Participation

PLEASE NOTE: If you completed a similar form for the recent Forum Reading Series or any other MAINSTAGE show, you MUST fill out this form. The mainstage information is kept in a separate database and we require this information for our Education festivals. Thanks!

Playwrights Theatre will be presenting its annual Madison Young Playwrights Festival from March 14-17, 2012 and the New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival is tentatively scheduled from May 20-22, 2012. Times are indicated below, but are subject to space availability.

We are looking for READERS and ACTORS for these programs.

In mid-January, Playwrights Theatre will receive hundreds of one-act plays from students in grades 4-12 from across the state. Readers are needed to read and critique a series of scripts and make suggestions of those scripts in need of further consideration. Plays are available to be read in three categories: Elementary (grades 4-6), Junior HS (grades 7-9), and High School (grades 10-12). Scripts will be available to readers beginning January 18 and critiques are selections are due roughly two weeks later on January 31. It is VERY IMPORTANT that readers have time to spent reading plays and writing thoughtful critique back to the student writers. Please see the Festival website for more detailed information -

If you wish to be considered as a reader, please complete this survey no later than JANUARY 8.

Please note that a Festival reader is a non-paying gig.

Winning plays in the Madison and New Jersey Young Playwrights Festivals will be presented as readings in March and May, respectively. Authors typically attend rehearsals and frequently do a lot of work revising the play. It is important that actors be able to attend all rehearsals and performance as scheduled. Those dates/times are indicated below.

If you wish to be considered as an actor, please complete this survey no later than FEBRUARY 8.

Please note that a Festival actor is a paying gig.

These are exciting opportunities to get behind the scenes of new play development and to work with some excellent young playwrights. Authors attend most rehearsals, and a lot of the actual work on a play happens in the rehearsal rooms.

COLLEGE STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: Playwrights Theatre believes that for all students working with us, your responsibilities to Theatre Department activities and schoolwork are your first priority. Please do not sign up for something that will put you into conflict with either.

If you want to be involved in either of these opportunities, please fill out the information below. When you are finished, please remember to press the "done." button.

This survey will be open until February 8. We will inform people of assignments as soon as possible after that date if not before.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions - or 973-514-1787, ext. 21.


Jim DeVivo
Director of Education

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