The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is beginning the development of Everyone Goes Home - Wildfire, a national collaborative effort to reduce fatalities and injuries within the wildland community. To inform this process, we are looking for input from a broad cross section of wildland firefighters, as well as from all levels of organizational leadership.

We value your opinions. Please take the time to fill out the survey below, and let us know your ideas about how to improve the health and safety of our nation's wildland firefighters. If you are interested in participating further in the development of Everyone Goes Home - Wildfire, please provide your contact information at the end of the survey.

* 1. Do you believe that we (a group of firefighters dealing with wildfire) can change our culture and actions to significantly improve wildfire safety practices?

* 2. Is it a priority to do so, or if not, can we make it a priority?

* 3. When it comes to wildfire, our goal is always "to prevent the preventable," but does that translate to a target, number, or goal? What should our goal be to reduce LODDs? Trending to zero, or another number? Please explain your answer.

* 4. How can the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) help focus additional attention on needed changes to lower line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) with wildfire? What more should we do?

* 5. How can the NFFF help focus additional attention on needed changes to lower injuries and accidents associated with wildfire? What more should we do?

* 6. What kind of cultural changes do we need to make? What kind of actions do we need to take? Can the actions we need to take exist with the culture we need to change?

* 7. What kinds of barriers, problems, and issues do you see as we seek improvement? What are your ideas about how we might overcome those barriers, solve those problems, and deal with those issues?

* 8. What role should unions, professional associations, and other groups play in this effort as they partner with the NFFF?

* 9. Is it important to have alignment of actions, policies, or doctrine between the big federal wildfire agencies (40% of LODDs) and state, county, and local departments (60% of the LODDs)?

* 10. How can we better utilize science and technology to help reduce LODDs?

* 11. Has your department/agency/organization implemented some wildfire practice or cultural change which should be more broadly publicized and utilized?

* 12. Assuming training and education will make a difference in reducing the numbers of accidents and injuries, what kind of training and delivery would be most effective?

* 13. What actions can YOU take to make a difference?

* 14. Are you interested in participating in a regional listening session to gather information that will be used to guide the development of Everyone Goes Home - Wildfire?