The purpose of this survey is to collect a brief set of impromptu data, anonymously, in each individual's own words, about the nature of employee workplace experiences specifically related to "workplace issues". A workplace issue is any topic that the individual employee has experienced a significant problem, dilemma or difficulty with in their career that in general terms violates one's sense of values, principles, or ethics. By significant, it is a conflict that you cannot solve on your own and has the potential to disrupt work, efficiency, career. Specifically, we are looking at what the nature of the workplace issue was, how it was addressed, what made it better or worse, and your overall experiences and recommendations.

* 1. What was the nature of the workplace issue you have faced. What was involved.

* 2. Please identify who were the key players involved in the work-place issue you faced.

* 3. Did you seek the guidance / help of others to try to resolve the issue? (Check all that apply)

* 4. Does your company have a compliance hotline and did you use it for this issue?

* 5. Did the person you confided in handle your issue confidentially?

* 6. Did the person you confided in help?

* 7. Was the issue ultimately resolved to your satisfaction?

* 8. How long did this issue go on (unresolved) after you raised the issue?

* 9. What was the impact of the open-issue on you, others, and/or on your workplace? Were there complilcations?

* 10. Do you think it is important to have a place where someone who does have workplace conflict concerns or other questions can discuss her issues confidentially and off-the-records?

* 11. What recommendations / actions would you like your employer take to build a better workplace? (related to the experiences you had on this workplace issue)

* 12. Please identify the role you hold within your company

* 13. Please describe yourself (check all that apply):

* 14. Please identify the type of company you work at:

The Society of Women Engineers (#WE12) Conference Session "Building A Better Workplace Through the Organizational Ombuds" or Organizational Ombudsman (OO) - will be held on Thursday November 8th, 2012 10am in Houston Texas - and will address what an OO is, how they work, and what they can do to help both the individual and the company when it comes to tough work place issues.

* 15. Are there any questions you would like to be addressed by the speaker at this event?

For more information on the Organizational Ombudsman, or to preview the presentation materials, please visit: