* 1. How many children from the ages of 6-10 currently live in your household?

* 2. Do one or more television sets in your household have the V-Chip?

* 3. If so, do you use the V-Chip?

* 4. Which TV rating is your V-Chip set to on the television set your children primarily watch?

* 5. What shows do your children watch on their own?

* 6. What shows do you and your children watch together?

* 7. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not helpful and 10 being very helpful, how helpful do you find the V-Chip in being able to control what TV content your children are exposed to?

* 8. If you do not use the V-Chip, in what ways do you or do you not control which television programs your children watch?

* 9. On average, how many hours of TV do your children watch per day?