Paradigm is hosting a live webinar on Wednesday, July 19th at 2 pm (EST) to introduce instructors to Navigator+, the new and enhanced version of the Course Navigator learning management system.

During the webinar, Paradigm’s Technology Manager Paul Friday will answer questions about Navigator+. If you are planning to attend, feel free to submit your questions in advance so we can make sure Paul addresses them during the presentation.

* 1. Please share your contact information with us.

* 2. Are you using or have you previously used Paradigm's Course Navigator learning management system?

* 3. What are you hoping to learn during this webinar?

* 4. What questions or issues would you like Paradigm to address during the webinar?

* 5. Have you ever attended a Paradigm webinar?

* 6. Are you considering using Navigator+ for your fall course(s)?