GSPCA Pet Boarding

We would really appreciate your feedback and ideas with this short survey regarding our Pet Boarding Service at the GSPCA. Your support helps us help 1000's of animals each year in Guernsey and the team really enjoy caring for your pet which helps raise some of the much needed funds to care for over 500 animals a day and help inexcess of 3000 through our doors each year not to mention many more in other ways. To see details on our boarding service please visit 

* 1. Have you used our boarding service at the GSPCA previously?

* 2. Please rate the service you received at the GSPCA when boarding your pet

  Better than expected As expected Less than expected N/A
Friendliness of front desk staff
Efficient Check In
Employee's Knowledge & Service
Shelter cleanliness
Kennel cleanliness
Friendliness & Caring of Animal Care Staff
Accuracy of reservation information at check in
Reasonable price of stay
Efficient Collection
Feedback from Pets stay at the GSPCA
How do you feel your pet enjoyed their stay

* 3. If there was a member of staff you would like to highlight please could you give their name and a reason -

* 4. We are currently reviewing our services at the GSPCA. Please help us with your views on the following -

  Yes No Not sure N/A
Would you like to be able to collect your pet on a Sunday?
Would you like to be able to collect your pet on a Bank Holiday?
Would you like to see the GSPCA provide a day boarding service for your pet?
Would you like to see the GSPCA provide an off site walking service for your dog to the beach for example?
Did you know the GSPCA can run a taxi service for your pet if requested?
Did you know that the GSPCA can take your dog to a private groomers whether it be to Wags and Tails onsite or via our taxi service to a groomers of your choice?
Did you know you could buy gifts and treats for your pet from our shop during their stay?
Would you like to be able to access a CCTV system to view your pet when you are away?
Would you like to see pictures of your pet enjoying their stay on our social media?
Would you like us to message you a picture/video of your pet while you are away?

* 5. Please do let us know any further feedback or ideas and thank you from all of the GSPCA for your time -

* 6. If you would like to be added to future GSPCA surveys or don't mind being contacted regarding your above answers we would really appreciate your email address and name -