* 1. Please indicate the number of years your company has been in business:

* 2. Please indicate how many years you've been a PTAC client:

* 3. In the past year, how often would you say you have utilized the PTAC services?

* 4. How many employees would you say your firm has hired or retained since you became a PTAC client?

* 5. Was this increase or retention due to PTAC-assisted government contract awards?

* 6. Which of the following services did you utilize in 2012?

  Yes No
Face to Face Assistance
Electronic Bid Match
Plan Room Services
Interpretation /Explanation of Bid Documents
Tx HUB Application
8(a) Application
8(a) Annual Review
Web Site Bidding Opportunities
Wide Area Workflow
Training Seminars
Assistance in SubContracting Opportunities
Application or Renewal of CCR, ORCA, HUBZone, Tx HUB, CMBL

* 7. The following is a list of tentatively scheduled PTAC training seminars for 2013. Which of these would you be interested in attending if you have time on your schedule?

  Yes No
Market Analysis to Prepare for Government Contracting
Business Assessment: Planning, Modeling, Goal Setting
Registrations for Government Contracting
Business Certifications for Government Contracting
Marketing Your Business Through GSA, TXMAS, Bidders Lists
Doing Business with the City of Corpus Christi
Doing Business with the Port of Corpus Christi
Proposal Process: Writing a Winning Proposal
Learn to Find Government Work on the Internet
Doing Business with the Regional Transportation Authority
How to Become DBE/ HUB Certified
How to be an Attractive Sub-Contractor
Contract Administration: Electronic Invoicing, Contract Close-out

* 8. Please rate the PTAC staff in the following categories:

  Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Timeliness and Responsiveness
Flexibility, works with your schedule
Commitment to your stated goals
Training offered
Overall Capability of Advice /Assistance

* 9. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. If you have any questions for PTAC, or require assistance with any registrations or certifications, please contact us so we can help. Please include your question or comment in the box below along with your name and contact information, especially if you feel unsatisfied with your PTAC experience. We ask that you give us an opportunity to provide you with a satisfactory consult.
Again, thank you for your feedback!