Spotted a Coach?

If you have spotted a visiting coach stopped somewhere in Buxton, please fill in as many details as you can below:

* 1. When did you spot it?

Date / Time

* 2. Where did you spot it?

* 3. Coach Company name

* 4. If there was more than one coach FROM THE SAME COMPANY please note the total number of coaches below:

* 5. Where was it from?

* 6. If you saw a web address on the coach, please enter below:

* 7. If you saw a telephone number on the coach, please enter it below:

If you can take a picture of the coach and send it to then we will try to get as much information as we can from the picture. Please let us know the time and place the picture was taken in you email.

* 8. If you saw the coach again, please note the time below:

Date / Time

* 9. Where did you see it again?

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100% of survey complete.