Questions about Printable Courses

Please complete as much of this survey as possible so I can understand where you are, what you need and what your challenges are in creating printables.
Thank you, Rachel

* 1. Have you dreamed about starting a printable business of your own, making money while you sleep?

* 2. Do you want to put printables on your blog to drive lots and lots of traffic?

* 3. Are you a party planner who wants to create truly original party themes?

* 4. Are you a really creative parent or family member – some one who wants to create a truly original and amazing party for their family?

* 5. If you don’t think you fall into any of the categories above, please could you tell me more?

* 6. Do you currently own, or have access to, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?

* 7. If NO, would you be prepared to pay for Photoshop and Illustrator?

* 8. If YES, would you say your level of skill is:

* 9. Do you purchase printables?

* 10. What have been your biggest frustrations with creating your own printables?

* 11. Why do you think this has been a struggle for you?

* 12. What have you already tried with printables that has not worked?

* 13. What has stopped you from taking action to learn about creating printables?

* 14. How would you feel if you could learn how to create printables?

* 15. Have you ever purchased a course related to creating printables?

* 16. If YES, Did you get the results you were hoping to see?

* 17. What did you pay for the course?

* 18. What did you find valuable about the course?

* 19. What did not work for you about the course?

* 20. If NO, What’s stopped you from purchasing a course related to creating printables ?

* 21. If you were to join a course that solved your Printable problems, would you be interested?

* 22. If I could wave a magic wand and create a course that was perfect for you, what would it have?