* 1. With which ship did you sail?

  Clearwater Mystic Whaler
I sailed with:

* 2. Please share some basic details about your sail:

* 3. How did you hear about Clearwater's programs?

* 4. How did you raise funds for this sail?

* 5. What type of group did you bring?

* 6. Preparing for your sail:

  Yes No
Did you make use of Clearwater's online pre-program educational materials?
Did you participate in a pre-sail program?
Did you make use of Clearwater's classroom newsletter, The Topsail Times?
Was the process of scheduling the sail with our office satisfactory?
Did the onboard educator connect with you before the program?

* 7. Educational Themes:

  Yes No I don't know
Did you choose a theme for your sail?
Did you participate in a "Streams" classroom program?

* 8. Please rate the following aspects of the program:

  Not effective at all Not very effective Neutral Somewhat effective Very effective N/A
The overall experience on the boat
The onboard educator who led your sail
The captain and crew on the boat
Sail raising
Trawling for fish
Music/sea chantey
Hudson River life station
History/below decks
Navigation station
Water chemistry station
Environmental station
Sailing/physics station
Knot tying station
Arts station

* 9. After the sail:

  Yes No
Did you hear the students speak about the trip after it was over?
Did you debrief the trip with your students?
Did you use Clearwater materials after the sail?
Would you recommend this trip to others?

* 10. As an educator, do you have any suggestions that might help us improve the program?
Please share a statement about your experience with Clearwater that we can use for outreach: