In recent years, access to fiscal and budget information has been the focus of increasing international attention. Governments around the world are slowly opening up their budgets to public scrutiny, and making available increasing amounts of budget information, also through the use of dedicated web portals. The availability of budget information, however, needs to be matched by adequate demand and use in order to bring about some of its intended benefits in the form of increased citizen engagement, oversight and accountability.

This survey is part of a broader collaborative research project – bringing together the International Budget Partnership, the World Bank, the Overseas Development Institute and the Global Initiative on Fiscal Transparency – aimed at enhancing our understanding of the main current uses of budget information by relevant stakeholders around the world, as well as the perceived existing barriers (in terms of data coverage and accessibility, technical capacities, enabling environment, etc.) to their deeper engagement in budget processes. 

The survey questionnaire should take about 30 minutes in total to fill in, and might require input from multiple individuals within your organization, we would like to emphasize that the feedback collected through this survey will also serve as an important tool to: (a) help tailor and design future interventions aimed at promoting a better enabling environment for civil society budget monitoring and advocacy in your country; (b) identify opportunities and areas that should be prioritized in order to maximize users’ uptake of available budget information; (c) identify broad capacity weaknesses and needs from users’ perspectives; and (iv) assess the need for further research and targeted awareness campaigns.

We appreciate your contribution and time in providing the research team with important information. We would also be grateful if you could forward this invitation to any other groups operating in your country which you think fit the profile of organization we are targeting in this project.