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Multiple studies have confirmed that reducing gender inequality enhances productivity and economic growth and that the economic benefits of scaling back barriers to women’s engagement in the workforce can be substantial. A positive correlation has also been demonstrated between gender diversity in organizations and financial outcomes.

Based on the recognition of the “business case” for gender parity, there is a strong and growing demand for information on how to close gender gaps in organizations. However, information on best practices tends to be fragmented and organizations often tend to have to learn by doing, rather than being able to learn from and build upon the experience of others. By bringing together on one virtual platform the fragmented information on innovative and successful practices, the “repository of successful interventions for gender parity” aims to serve as a unique knowledge-exchange platform encouraging emulation and implementation of successful practices for gender parity. This web-based platform will gather the successful practices already adopted by leading companies worldwide to close gender gaps at corporate level, as well as along the companies’ supply chain and in the communities where companies are active.

Your organization’s input regarding practices that have worked successfully in your organization are crucial to the development of a robust platform. We thank you in advance for sharing your practices with us.


  • Please note that we are asking for interventions or practices rather than whole programs. We believe individual practices may be more suitable for adoption and recombination under the specific circumstances of other companies.
  • Please complete all fields of this survey, to make practices as comprehensive and comparable as possible. This should not take longer than 20 minutes per practice.
  • Please feel free to forward the link to this survey to any colleagues who are in a better position to supply information on a particular practice.
  • We urge you to add as many practices as possible. The current survey allows you to add up to 4 practices at a time. To add more, please complete another survey.
  • Before your practice is made available online, we will be working with you to finalize it.


Please be aware that your practice will be made available to the general public via the Forum's public website.
You are given the option to withhold both the organization name and contact information from publication. However, for the online repository to be most effective in promoting sharing of information and replication of practices, we urge you to allow us to disclose this information, particularly the organization name.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the survey, these instructions or confidentiality matters:

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