Introduction and context

The Australian Government is currently inviting submissions on the 'National Research Infrastructure Capability Issues Paper', released 20 July 2016:

This consultation is part of the process of developing a new National Research Infrastructure Roadmap to identify Australia's research infrastructure capability needs. The 2016 Roadmap, led by the Chief Scientist and an Expert Working Group, will advise the Government on future investment in national research infrastructure to support Australian research and innovation over a ten-year horizon that will underpin the economic wellbeing of our nation into the future.

The research community is being asked to consider future research trends, their strategic importance to Australia and the research infrastructure required to capitalise on these trends. This means looking beyond the current needs of today’s research, to the types of research infrastructure services that a broad range of researchers would use in the future.

Through Foundations for the future and other processes, the Ecosystem Science Council and ecosystem science community have identified what is needed to enhance our national research capability for the national benefit, and to fully engage with the international community to meet the global challenges of the future. The opportunity before us is to take the final steps towards a fully matured ecosystem capability of world-leading significance delivering critical knowledge for the nation.

This survey is to seek your feedback on the scope, governance, focus, and importance of future ecosystem research infrastructure to assist the Ecosystem Science Council in preparing a final submission on the Issues Paper that reflects the community's needs.