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Getting to know you...

* 1. Why are you taking this class?

* 2. What do you hope to be doing a year from now?

* 3. What do you hope to be doing five years from now?

* 4. What ideally would you like to have experienced, learned, accomplished, or be able to do by the end of this semester as a result of this course?

* 5. "Grade" yourself in each of these area.

  F D C B A No experience
Coming up with testable research ideas.
Reading an empirical journal article with understanding.
Recognizing WHICH data analysis to do.
Using a statistical piece of software such as SPSS.
Wisely using Carroll's library research resources.
Familiarity with APA and APS journals.
Familiarity with APA format style.
Using word processing software such as Microsoft Word.
Using Microsoft Excel.
Using PsycInfo.

Writing a grant proposal.
Knowledge about the publishing process.
Ability to create a web page.
Using SurveyMonkey.
Using a Mac.
Using a PC.
using Skype
Using blogging software such as WordPress.
Using Google Scholar search.
Using Google Docs.
Using Diigo.
Using YouTube to publish.
Using FaceBook.
Using Twitter.
Using Slideshare.
Using Powerpoint
Using Gmail.
Using the Chrome Browser.

Working independently.
Working as a team.
Giving a presentation.
Making a Screencast.
Making a Podcast.
Using Google Drive.
Using Google Translate.
Using LinkedIn.
Using CreateSpace,
Using Quizlet.

* 6. What was your research topic in PSY307? Indicate NA if you haven't taken it.

* 7. Have you ever presented at Celebrate Carroll?

* 8. Have you ever presented a paper off campus?

* 9. What other classes are you taking this semester?

* 10. What research experience do you have?

* 11. Your name, phone contact, email