The delegate selection process determines who will represent Washington at the Democratic National Convention. The delegate selection process consists of two parts: a delegate allocation process that determines how many supporters of which presidential candidates will be included in the delegation, and a separate process by which those slots are filled.

Historically, Washington state has selected its national convention delegates entirely through a caucus process, beginning with precinct caucuses and continuing through LD caucuses, county conventions, CD caucuses, and the State Convention. Both how delegates are allocated among the presidential candidates and who will fill those delegate slots are determined through this process. An alternate possibility would be to separate those processes, so that delegate slots are allocated among the presidential candidates through the state-run presidential primary, and then filled through a caucus process. This would impact not just who Washington state sends to the Democratic National Convention, but also how voters interact with the party, what kind of data we get from participants, and many other issues.

Regardless of how delegates are allocated among the candidates, Washington state will need to hold a caucus process to select the actual delegates.

As we begin planning for the 2020 delegate selection process, we would like your opinions on how this process should be conducted. This preliminary discussion period will last through 2018, and the delegate selection plan will be written in early 2019 for consideration by the WSDCC Rules Committee and the full Washington State Democratic Central Committee in Spring 2019.

* 1. At this point in time, which of the options below best describes your position on whether Washington's 2020 national delegates should be divided among presidential candidates as part of the caucus process, or separately through the state-run presidential primary?

* 2. Who do you feel should be permitted to participate in the delegate selection process?
*There is currently no process for "registering" as a Democrat in Washington state. Options requiring party "registration" would require establishing such a process, either managed by the Party or through a change in state law allowing voters to indicate party identification as part of their voter registration.

* 3. DNC rules give bonus delegates to states that begin their delegate selection process later on the calendar (in 2016 Washington received 11 bonus delegates by scheduling the precinct caucuses the way it did.) However the later a primary/caucus is held the greater risk of candidates dropping out of the race before they get to Washington state. Which statement is closer to your views about priorities when it comes to scheduling the start of the delegate selection process?

* 4. Regardless of what process is used to allocate delegates among presidential candidates, the actual delegates will still be selected through a caucus process, and we want to ensure those caucuses are run as effectively as possible. Please rank the priorities below in terms of how important you feel they will be to caucuses in 2020.

* 5. What other comments do you have on the delegate selection process?

The remaining questions ask information about your demographics. One of the major priorities of the delegate selection process is ensuring that participation effectively represents the demographic make-up of the Democratic electorate, and we want to ensure that diversity is reflected in the people guiding the process.

* 6. What is your gender?

* 7. Please describe your race/ethnicity.

* 8. What is your age range?

* 10. Which of the terms below best describes where you live?