Call to Join the North East LHIN’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC)

The North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) is seeking community members to participate in a new Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC).  We encourage patients and their family/caregivers who live within the NE LHIN geographic region to complete and submit this application form for consideration as a member of the NE LHIN PFAC. 


Since its inception, the NE LHIN has recognized the value of listening to the voice of patients and their family/caregivers.

The NE LHIN believes that when people are actively involved in managing their own health and wellness, as well as creating their own heath care and community solutions, they live healthier lives in healthier communities.

The NE LHIN PFAC will reflect the diversity of the people and communities of Northeastern Ontario. A diverse committee will ensure discussions reflect and respond to a broad range of lived experiences. 

The PFAC is intended to establish relationships that promote engagement and communication with patients, their friends and families and the LHIN, leading to improved patient and health system outcomes. 

The PFAC will apply their learning, collective experience and insights to:
  • Identify and advise on opportunities to incorporate the patient’s perspective in initiatives to better integrate care across the region the health care system.
  • Support effective patient engagement within the LHIN.
  • Provide advice on recommendations about health care access or service delivery improvements from the patient and/or family caregiver perspective.
  • · Provide input on LHIN policies and standards guiding LHIN initiatives, particularly regarding patient care and patient engagement.
  • Recommend strategies and practical ideas for improving patient care, and caregiver recognition and support.
  • Work in partnership with the NE LHIN CEO, staff, service providers and partners.
  • Link and collaborate with other patient and family advisory groups within the LHIN and across the province as appropriate.
  • Not have a fiscal mandate to perform these duties.

The Committee will seek to convene 4 in-person meetings per year. Members will be reimbursed for any pre-approved travel-related expenses as per the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive, as applicable to the LHIN’s expenses policy. 
The Committee will consist of up to 10 -15 members. The role of a PFAC member is to share their unique stories, experiences, opinions and perspectives in order to strengthen engagement of patients, caregivers and the public in important local health planning decisions and policies.

Members will be selected and recruited to ensure diversity that is reflective of the LHIN’s population makeup, including in relation to age, geographic distribution across the LHIN’s five sub-regions, cultural diversity, socio-economic status and experience with the health system. Membership will also represent patient, family/caregiver experiences across different health care settings, including in hospitals, long-term care homes, and home and community care settings.

We welcome applications from all patients and family members/caregivers with lived experience including Indigenous and Métis people, Francophones, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and members of sexual minority groups. Members of these groups are encouraged to self-identify.

Not eligible: PFAC members shall be members of the public. Because elected representatives, practicing healthcare professionals, paid employees of health charities, employees of companies in health industries, elected officials, and employees of provincial and federal health ministries and agencies already have a voice in making their opinions known to decision-makers, these people are not eligible for membership.
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