1. The Haven Health Clinic Products & Services

A brief survey to gain feedback about Products and Services at The Haven

* 1. As a token of our gratitude for you taking the time to fill out this questionnaire we are offering 5 pounds off any treatment at The Haven. To claim your discount please enter the information below:

* 2. What Products would you buy at The Haven? Is there any that health related product that you already travel elsewhere to buy, that is not already sold in Ashburton?

* 3. Are there any particular Brands of body product or specific branded items that you really like that you would come to The Haven to buy?

* 4. Are there any Services / Therapies that you would like us to offer at The Haven that we do not currently offer? (To see what is currently available please visit www.ashburtonhaven.co.uk)

* 5. We really value your feedback. If you have visited The Haven was there anything you particularly enjoyed about your visit / experience of treatment at The Haven?

* 6. Is there anything that you feel we could improve at The Haven?

* 7. What magazines / newspapers do you read?

* 8. How did you find out about The Haven? What inspired you to come for treatment?

* 9. If there was one thing that we could do that would inspire you to use our services at The Haven more frequently what would it be?

* 10. What do you value the most in a Complementary Health Clinic?