HELPP would be grateful if you would please complete this survey. You have received this survey as you have attended or booked on a place on one of our HELPP events or attended a Support Group. Even if you haven't attended any of these events, please look at the survey as some of the questions are about the future work that HELPP might do. Your feedback and suggestions will be very welcome.

* 1. Which one if these statements best describes you?

* 2. If you are a parent or carer which of these statements best describes why you have been involved with HELPP?

* 3. Which of these statements best describes how the event has helped you?

Tick all that apply.

If you haven't attended an event, please tick the relevant box

* 4. Would you have liked some sort of follow-up after the event?

* 5. Since attending the HELPP event have you visited the HELPP website?

* 6. Do you feel positive about recommending HELPP to others?

* 7. In the future I would like HELPP to provide a workshop on the following topic(s): (Please tick all that you are interested in)

* 8. I am interested in attending regular informal meetings with other parents and carers at Support Group Meetings

* 9. If you are interested in HELPP Support Group Meetings, how frequently do you think they should meet:

* 10. Would you be willing to volunteer to provide assistance with HELPP activities in the future?

(Please tick all that your are interested in)