DFWTRN Board Member Application

Board Members hold prestigious volunteer roles within the DFWTRN organization and provide exemplary insight into the HR and Recruiting Industry by volunteering their time to the education, training and networking of HR and Recruiting professionals in the DFW area.   

Being a Board Member gives you an opportunity to be on the leading edge of sourcing and recruiting strategies and to participate in hosting and presenting this information by supporting and organizing the DFWTRN monthly Lunch and Learns, Speakers, Webinars and Networking events.

DFWTRN seeks professionals that can offer insight into any of the following roles: Non-Profits, Fundraising, Membership, Marketing, Education, Information Technology and Volunteer Programs.

President -Lead and run organization
Vice President - Assist in leading and running organization
Treasurer - Financials, State Filings, Tax Filings
Treasurer Assistant - Assist in Financials, State Filings, and Tax Filings
Secretary - Meeting Minutes, Custodian of Records and Bylaws and assist State Filings
Director of Fundraising - Fundraising, Sponsorships, Happy Hour, RTOY
Director of Membership - Membership Management
Director of Marketing - Newsletters, Marketing, Social Media, Advertising 
Director of Education - Speakers, Trainers and Educational Material
Director of Volunteer Programs - Registration, Social Media, Committee 
Director of Information Technology - Website, DNS, Email, Software  

* 1. Please provide your name, phone number, email and current job title. 

* 2. What is your experience with HR, Sourcing and Recruiting (include years of experience)?

* 3. Are you able to attend 8 or more DFWTRN Lunch and Learns a year and up 2 evening events per year?

* 4. Have you been on a Board of Directors before for another organization or volunteered before?  If Yes, please describe.

* 5. Tell us what qualifications you have and/or why you would make a great Board Member related to Fundraising, Sponsorships, Membership, Marketing, Education, Volunteer Programs or Information Technology.         

* 6. DFWTRN supports the vision of equal opportunity and values diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.   Do you also agree to this vision?

* 7. I am interested in the following roles: