Serving on the Board or on one of the Committees is a commitment to serve your fellow thespians for the next one-two years (depending on position). Board meetings are held on the third Sunday of each month at 6:30 pm at several locations around Northwest Indiana. Committees meet and work on a variety of tasks throughout the year with various time schedules based on the committee. There must be between 3-6 viewers represented in the final elected board.

A brief note about each available position:

Elected from the full voting body:

President: acts as executive of the organization building a strong and healthy organization; is the face of the organization and its leader in marketing, fundraising, membership, community and advocacy; runs monthly board meeting; President is a two-year term and the person must have previously served on the NIETF board

Treasurer: maintains and reports on the organization finances, pays bills; Treasurer is a two-year term

Nominations Secretary: responsible for the collection of viewer ballots, tabulation of initial ballots, running viewer meetings, and is the main line of communication between viewers and theatres and the board; this person may oversee a viewing committee; Nominations Secretary is a two-year term

Member-At-Large: represents the needs/desires of individual members/participants; Members-at-Large serve a one-year term

Elected by the Member Theatres only:

Member Theatre Reps: elected by peers to represent the needs/desires of member theatres; Reps serve a one-year term

Elected by the new Board of Directors:

Partnership Resourcing Chair: oversees resourcing initiatives such as grant-writing and sponsorship; PRC is a two-year term

Member Recognition Chair: oversees membership initiatives such as recruitment, benefits & awards; MRC is a two year term

Appointed by the Committee Chairs:

Committee Members: serve at the request of the chair and bring specific knowledge and experience to discussions and practical tactics to fruition; committee members serve a one-year term

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* 1. What is your name?

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* 2. What is your street address?

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* 3. What is your phone number?

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* 4. What is your email address?

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* 5. With which theatres are you associated and in what manner?

  Leadership (Board Member, Committee Member) Staff Member (Executive, Administrative) Production Staff (Director, Designer, Actor) Member (Specific Member Benefits - paid or volunteered) Patron (Subscriber, Attendee) Donor (Sponsor, Donor)
Beatniks on Conkey
Chicago Street Theatre
Crown Point Community Theatre
Dunes Summer Theatre
4th Street Theater
Gary Shakespeare Theatre
Genesius Guild
Hammond Community Theatre
Highland Parks' Performing Arts Group
L'arc en Ciel Theatre Group
M & M Productions
Memorial Opera House
Portage Community Theatre
Towle Theater
Valparaiso Theatrical Company
Other NWI Theatre (indicate below)

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* 6. For what board position(s) would you like to be considered?

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* 7. Board members serve on at least one committee, however you needn't be a board member to serve on a committee. On which of our committees are you interested in serving?

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* 8. Why do you want to serve on the NIETF board/committee?

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* 9. What skills/expertise/experience do you bring to this position?

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* 10. If selected, I agree to serve the NIETF community by supporting NIETF's programs and initiatives to the best of my ability. This includes participation in meetings and events (at least 75%), contributing financially as a member/donor/sponsor (at least $25/year), being a communication liaison to a member theatre (at least monthly), and general community advocacy. Please indicate your agreement by typing your initials.