* 1. How long have you lived at your present address?

* 2. Do you own your home, rent or live with someone else?

* 3. How afraid are you of:

  Very afraid Slightly afraid Afraid Not very afraid Feel safe
Having someone break into your home?
Having your property stolen?
Being attacked by someone with a weapon?
Being raped or sexually assaulted?
Being robbed or mugged on the street?
Having your property damaged by vandals?

* 4. How safe do you feel when walking alone in your neighborhood during the day?

* 5. How safe do you feel walking alone in this neighborhood after dark?

* 6. In the past year, would you say your fear of crime has increased?

* 7. How safe from crime do you feel inside your own home?

* 8. In the past year, have you or anyone in your home been the victim of a crime?

* 9. How great a problem is:

  Not a problem Somewhat of a problem A problem Slightly serious Very serious problem
Trash and litter
Loose dogs
Barking dogs
Disruptive neighbors
Vacant houses and lots
Too much noise
People abusing drugs and/or alcohol
Suspicious strangers in the area

* 10. Do you generally avoid unsafe areas in your neighborhood?

* 11. In the past year, has your use of public places in your neighborhood (sidewalks, parks, stores, etc) increased?

* 12. In the past year, would you say the overall quality of community living in your neighborhood has increased, decreased, or stayed about the same?

* 13. Have you?

  Yes No
Engraved ID numbers on your possessions?
Installed extra locks on windows or doors?
Purchased a watchdog?
Kept a weapon in your home for protection
Added outside lighting?
Learned more about self defense?
Started carrying something to defend yourself?

* 14. How often do you see police in your neighborhood?

* 15. The Ogden Police Department :

  Strongly agree Slightly agree Agree Slightly disagree Strongly disagree
Is polite and courteous.
Provides responsive and professional services to the community.
Is fair when dealing with people.
Is effective at keeping order on the streets.

* 16. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Ogden Police Department?

* 17. Do you have any comments you would like to make?

* 18. What is your age, in years? (Numbers only)

* 19. Demographic information (optional)

* 20. Enter your address, block of the street you live on, a nearby intersection, or the neighborhood where you live. (Optional)

* 21. Your email address (optional)