The draft Corporate Strategy presents the proposed strategic objectives and activities for the PSI for the years 2021-2023. Set against the background of the Covid-19 global pandemic and its impact in Ireland, the Strategy has been developed with the PSI Council and with the management of PSI having considered our external and internal environments, our purpose as set out in legislation, and our organisation values, mission and vision. It focuses on three key activity areas supporting our strategic goal, which remains “to assure public trust in pharmacy through effective regulation”.

The draft Strategy sets out the range of essential activities which we are required to carry out, and resource, as part of our statutory remit; the projects that we will progress and carry forward from the current strategy 2018-2020; and the new areas of strategic focus for the PSI. The consultation questionnaire encourages your feedback in particular on the new strategic areas of focus. We welcome your views.

The consultation will remain open until Friday,  21 August 2020.

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* 1. Data Protection and Freedom of Information 

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