All trainings are currently full. If you would like to organize a Group Workshop, please read the information under Group Workshops on the project site and register there: http://www.seattle.gov/rsji/AreWeSoDifferent.htm

We are no longer accepting names for the wait lists for any trainings. Surveys that are not attached to training dates will not be considered.

Thank you!


Pacific Science Center and the City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) are looking for volunteers to facilitate workshops for groups about the nationally-touring exhibit "RACE: Are We So Different?" Running September 28, 2013 – January 5, 2014 at Pacific Science Center, this exhibit raises profound questions about the American concept of race. The exhibit makes us more aware of historical and contemporary instances of institutional racism, and it challenges us to commit to work for racial equity within our institutions and our community.

Volunteer facilitators will lead pre- and post-exhibit workshops for groups, including businesses, non-profits, PTSAs, faith-based organizations, neighborhood associations, youth groups and other groups from the community. In order to become a workshop facilitator, volunteers need to complete a free, one-day training. As a volunteer facilitator, you will be trained to engage people using interactive learning activities, provide more information, answer people’s questions and encourage people to take action for racial equity in their own communities. Once you complete a RACE exhibit facilitator training, you will be scheduled to co-facilitate pre- and post-exhibit workshops. As a volunteer facilitator, you will be able to facilitate workshops with a group you are already part of, or you can be assigned a group that does not have facilitators.

If you are unable to attend a facilitation training, we encourage you to organize a pre- and post-exhibit workshop with a group or groups you are connected to. Online group registration will begin later this summer, but groups can sign up now by emailing Diana Falchuk: diana.falchuk@seattle.gov.

Pre- and post-exhibit workshops are free to groups who experience the exhibit. Pacific Science Center is committed to making the RACE exhibit experience affordable for everyone who would like to engage with it. Discounted group admission rates are available to all groups of 10 or more who make advanced reservations. If you are concerned that your workshop group will not be able to cover the cost of admission please contact Diana Falchuk at the Race and Social Justice Initiative to discuss ways that we can make your group’s participation possible: diana.falchuk@seattle.gov or (206) 684-5282.

For more information about workshops, visit the RSJI web site: http://www.seattle.gov/rsji/

To become a volunteer facilitator, you must:
1. Complete the following online registration form.
2. Attend one, day-long facilitator training. You will be able to select your training date at the end of this registration form.
3. Have had some training on racial equity.
4. Be able to co-facilitate at least two workshops, each of which includes a one-hour pre-exhibit session and a two-hour post-exhibit session, between late-September 2013 and mid-January 2014. We will be matching facilitators and groups according to their availability and other needs. Some pre- and post-sessions will happen at Pacific Science Center on the same day as a group goes through the exhibit, and others will happen on different days and/or at a location of the group’s choosing. There will also be some self-scheduled prep time for you and your co-facilitator.

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