Let's Share Ideas!

County planning teams have asked to learn more about what is happening across the state related to Plans of Safe Care.  Do you have policies or procedures that you'd like to share?  Have you developed a Plan of Safe Care template for your county?  Are you implementing any training or communication strategies to share information about Plans of Safe Care? 

Please use this survey to tell us about all the activities that you accomplished since the Governor's Institute or are planning to do in the future.  

If you would like to share any letters, forms or written policies that you've developed, please email them to RA-PWPLANSOFSAFECARE@pa.gov.  

Once all the ideas have been submitted, they'll be posted online and shared with all the teams from the Governor's Institute.  

Thanks for sharing your ideas!  

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* 1. What Governor's Institute did your county planning team attend? 

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* 2. Please list all the counties your planning team represented.  

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* 3. What activities has your county planning team begun since your participation in the Governor’s Institute on Plans of Safe Care.

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* 4. What activities is your county team planning to do in the future?

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* 5. What can the Pennsylvania Departments of Drug and Alcohol Programs, Health, and Human Services do to support your county planning team's efforts?

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* 6. If another county planning team wants to learn more about the activities you are implementing, who can they contact?

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