Disability Active Recreation and Sport Strategy

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Over recent weeks many people around New Zealand have contributed to the development of a Disability Active Recreation and Sport Strategy. Recommendations will guide Sport NZ's role and responsibilities. This includes how best to support community action, build sector capability, and help provide quality active recreation and sport experiences for disabled people. 

Your answers will help us to make some important decisions. We are interested in hearing a wide range of opinions from all sorts of people and we really want to hear about your experiences. 

You can use this survey to:
- Share your own experiences of play, active recreation and sport
- Help us confirm the plan for making active recreation and sport more inclusive. 

In this survey we use the term 'disabled people' as used in the NZ Disability Strategy. "[this phrase] is a source of pride, identity and recognition that disabling barriers exist within society and not with us as individuals."

Depending on how many questions you choose to answer, the survey should take you between 5- 20 minutes to complete.

Active recreation and sport
Active recreation and sport occurs in a wide range of different ways. It can happen in different places with different providers. Active recreation and sport can meet different needs and be at all levels of performance. Participation in active recreation and sport occurs across our lifetime.

Active recreation and sport includes:
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Health and fitness activities
  • Creative activities like dance
  • Competitive sport
It can be play, games or competition.