Please note: The description below captures the key aspects of this membership category, but may be abbreviated from the 'official' description, as contained in the Association By-laws, Article II. In case of any discrepancy or omission between the description below and those contained in the By-laws, the Association By-laws shall prevail.

Introductory Affiliate

This category is for oil and gas service, supply and manufacturing (SSM) companies, established in Canada, that have a portion of their operations serving the upstream oil and gas industry in Canada but that may or may not yet have their COR / SECOR or PSAC Board of Directors-approved alternate program and who would like to learn more about the activities of the Association before becoming Core or Associate Core Members.

Note: This membership category is available only to companies which have NEVER held PSAC Membership at any level.
PLEASE NOTE: The PSAC membership application is a lengthy document, which MUST be completed in a single session (there is no ability to save your work and return to it at a later time/date).

BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE APPLICATION PROCESS, please click HERE to review the "Application Checklist" for a list of the material and information you will require to complete your application, and ensure you've gathered all these components BEFORE you continue (the checklist will open in a NEW tab or browser window).

If your selected membership category is deemed by PSAC to not apply to your organization's business activity, PSAC will contact you to discuss amendment of this application.

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