Boekbedonnerd X Feedback

* 1. Overall, how would you rate the event?

* 2. What did you like about the event?

* 3. What did you dislike about the event?

* 4. How organized was the event?

* 5. Was this the first time you attended a festival in Richmond?

* 6. Do you think you received adequate information regarding the festival prior to coming to Richmond?

* 7. Was the event length too long too short or about right?

* 8. Is there any person/literature/film you would like to see at next years festival?

* 9. Where did you travel from to get to the festival?

* 10. We are looking at hosting Boekbedonnerd in Mtunzini, Kwazulu Natal in May 2018. Would you be interested in attending this event?